Apollo of Veio returns to it's former splendour

After a detailled restoration operation lasting around six months, the polychrome terracotta statue of Apollo of Veio, one of the masterpieces of Etruscan art from the end of the 6th century B.C., kept at the National Etruscan Museum of Villa Giulia, has been unveiled to the general public. Before the restoration began, a series of scientific studies was carried out, aimed at gaining a much deeper technical knowledge of the work. As well as photogrammetry, endoscopic analysis was also carried out which, along with the radiography, cast light on the brass support prop used in the re-composition of the statue in 1919; the X-ray fluorescence, designed to recognise the typology of the colour, revealed the sole presence of mineral oxides. It has also been established that the statue was baked in just one solution, confirming the great technical and creative capacity of the coroplastic artist. The restoration, carried out at a specially created site within the monumental complex of Villa Giulia, in the frescoed Zodiac room at the lower level of the Ninfeo, allowed people visiting the museum to follow the different phases of the operation through protective glass. Then for several weeks, on the initiative of the editorial staff of Culturalweb, the on-line cultural heritage newspaper, the discrete eye of a high-resolution network camera “investigated” the restoration work on a daily basis.

This restoration, sponsored by FIT (The Italian Tobacconists Federation for Art and Culture) will be followed next year by the restoration of the statue of the hero Hercules. After this, all the Veio statues will be back on display in a new and much bigger exhibition area at the National Etruscan Museum of Villa Giulia, dedicated to the antiquities of the important Etruscan area.

Francesca Boitani Director of the National Etruscan Museum of Villa Giulia and director of the restoration
Anna Maria Moretti Director for the Archaeological Treasures of Southern Etruria
Tuccio Sante Guido Restorer
Maurizio Diana Scientific Studies
Marco Sala External Relations for the National Etruscan Museum of Villa Giulia
Sabrina Consolini FIT Events and sponsorship

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CANALE 5 TG5 - 13.00 - Duration: 0.01.23
Apollo of Veio. Rome. The Etruscan art masterpiece goes back on display following a long and thorough restoration.

TG La7 - 19:45 - Duration: 0.02.10
Art. The restoration of the Apollo of Veio is completed. The statue is returned to the Ninfeo in the Giulia Valley. Work funded by the Italian Tobacconists Federation. Interveiew with T. Sante Guido (restorer)
Presenter: TIZIANA PANELLA – Report by: S. Mauro

TG SAT2000 - 19.40 Duration: 0.02.02
Rome: The restored Apollo of Veio will be displayed from tomorrow in the Etruscan Museum of Villa Giulia. Interview with Boitani (Museum Director)
Presenter: - Report by: Vito
First part
Second part
Third part

RAI DUE TG2 - 20.30 - Duration: 0.51.33
Art. Completed restoration of Etruscan Apollo of Veio: work displayed at the Etruscan Museum of Rome.
Presenter: ADELE AMMENDOLA – Report by: Tina Lepri

RAI UNO TG1 - 20.00 - Duration: 0.01.20
Art: The Apollo of Veio on display in Rome
Presenter: - Report by: De Feo